Aria Polymer’s Attendance at Indiaplast Exhibition 2019

Aria Polymer’s R&D visited the international exhibition in India (Indiaplast 2019) on February to confer the latest information in polymer technology and present the recent aria polymer’s findings in plastic industry.

Aria polymer in Indiaplast 2019
Aria polymer’s R&D in Indiaplast 2019

Indiaplast 2019, the international exhibition on plastic industry, is held in Delhi, India on 28February-4 March 2019.  The main focused in exhibition is considering on field of plastic, raw material, processing, machinery and finished goods. Their purpose is helping makers and users of plastic to understand the trends and future of plastics.

Indiaplast exhibition 2019
Indiaplast exhibition 2019

Research and develop department of Aria polymer has goal to be in contact with international plastic manufacturers to help them about their challenges by their findings and new products.

Aria Polymer Company is well-known to produce various compatibilizer, tie layer adhesive, nano additives and masterbatches in Iran with a good potential usage in most filled-plastic parts in pipe, packaging and automobile industry.

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