White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch, also known as Titanate (TiO2) Masterbatch, is a widely used in various industries, and its most important application is as a white pigment or colorant. Its use as a pigment creates good visible light scattering, resulting in a unique whiteness, brightness, and opacity in the plastic products. TiO2 is chemically neutral, insoluble in polymers, and stable against heat, even under the toughest processing conditions. Additionally, TiO2 can absorb UV radiation, which protects polymer products from UV degradation.

Some of the advantages of this masterbatch include:

– High dispersion

– Easy integration with polymers

– Improved heat resistance

– Suitable for high-speed production

– Applicable in the production of various films

– Useful in injection molding and extrusion products

– Optimal whiteness, brightness, and smoothness in the final product

packaging industry

Titanate Masterbatch has various applications in the polymer industry. In packaging, manufacturers use it in various packaging products such as food, cosmetic, cleaning products, and related industries.

polymer containers industry

This Masterbatch is commonly used in many home appliances to achieve a white color and enhance their appearance.

home appliance industry

Aria Polymer Pishgam offers White Masterbatch

It is based on polyolefin and is produced with high-quality micronized grade TiO2. It has a high dispersion of TiO2, which results in high-quality white color in plastic products

We have formulated Aria Add 2110, 2111, 2112, and 2113 polyethylene based products. These grades differ in percentage of white pigment.

Aria Add 2110:  30%

Aria Add 2111:  40%

Aria Add 2112:  50%

Aria Add 2113:  70%

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