PP/PE Impact Modifier

PP/PE Impact modifier additive of Aria Polymer Company, known as Aria Comp 4410 and Aria Comp 4203, formulated for PE and PP extrusion, injection and blow molding products. These masterbatches cover a wide range of applications such as injection molding, extrusion coatings and recycling. Aria Comp® can increase PP Impact strength and also scratch resistance, Depending on the intended use without change in mechanical properties, color of part surface and transparency.

PP/PE Impact Modifier

The polyolefin products have high melting point, fairly good barrier properties, heat and chemical resistance, toughness and rigidity, etc., so they are good candidates for use in a variety of applications such as injection molding, blown molding and construction components.  PP specially has good transparency, light weight, low cost, good mechanical properties but it also has low impact strength at low temperature. As a result, for manufacturers its brittleness creates concern in the production of various components.

PP/PE Impact ModifierIn order to overcome the brittleness of polymers, mainly impact strength modifier is added to them. These additives are Polyolefin, Thermoplastic Elastomers or Elastomer based.

PP/PE Impact ModifierIf exposed to impact, the unmodified materials have the ability to absorb low energy and break down by creating several large cracks. By using rubber particles, the dispersed rubbery phase absorbs or dissipates the energy of impact in order to stop craze or crack propagation and polymer becomes tough.

PP/PE Impact Modifier

Common modifiers cause some of the properties of the product to be weakened; for example elastomers based modifiers diminish transparency, and on the other hand, some Impact modifiers are incompatible with polymer matrix and lessen mechanical properties.

PP/PE Impact ModifierBy utilizing micro sized elastomeric particles, these small-sized particles can act as an impact modifier. These particles prevent stress concentration by absorbing energy, and inhibit the growth of cracks, thus the polymer will be tough and fail ductile. Next images show the difference between the large and small particles at crack growth.

PP/PE Impact ModifierThese additives induce toughness in polymer matrix and assist the polymer in providing impact properties for particular application, but at the same time they can reduce stiffness, heat resistance and process ability through the extruder, so the balance of properties in the product formula design must be taken into account.

PP/PE Impact Modifier

Impact modifier of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

We have designed Aria Comp 4410 and Aria Comp 4203 for PP and PE based productions, based on a new generation of impact modifier particle.

  • Using Aria Comp helps manufacturer to achieve the optimum impact and mechanical property, with no change in transparency, no change in color of surface, and so on.
  • With adding proper proportion Aria Comp 4203 in PE compounds, Impact strength increase by maintaining the dimensional
  • With adding proper proportion Aria Comp 4410 in PP compounds, significantly increase impact strength and scratch resistance without change in product Appearance.

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