Anti-Scratch Nano Additive

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of Aria Nano as anti-scratch masterbatch for PP and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) based compounds to raise scratch resistance in plastic parts using as interior parts such as dashboards, door panels, etc. in automotive industry.

Anti-scratch Nano Additive

Car manufacturers apply filled polyolefin compounds, especially PP/talc and TPO based compounds in various interior parts with high efficiency in properties and costs. Surface properties such as scratch and abrasion resistance of these compounds are highly demanded for manufacturers due to importance of appearance in automotive parts. However, they have some limitations in resisting scratches. Hence, they cannot usually have attractive appearance with high stability and surface resistance. There are some approaches such as increasing hardness or slipping properties in surface materials to raise scratch resistance. Also Nano particles are able to reinforce these kinds of plastics to reach high durability, crack and scratch resistance and also glossy surface.

Anti-scratch Nano AdditiveAria Nano is a Nano based polyolefin compound designed to act as an anti-scratch in Talc, CaCO3 filled polyolefin and TPO compounds. It helps the components to band together well and provide very uniform structure to:

  • Enhance scratch resistance and reduce scratch visibility.
  • Increase part lifetime.
  • have no negative influence on color.

Anti-scratch Nano Additive

Aria Polymer Pishgam Anti-Scratch Nano Additive

Aria Polymer Pishgam Co. is manufacturer of Aria Nano 5600 as anti-Scratch nano additive for filled-PP and TPO parts using in automotive industry.

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