Maleated PE (Aria Couple PE-g-MA)

Aria Couple PE-g-MA (PE Compatibilizer or Maleated PE) is a maleic anhydride functionalized PE manufactured by Aria Polymer company. Various grades are designed to act as a compatibilizer in PE compounds filled by mineral fillers (Starch, Wood, Talc, CaCO3, Glass fiber), additive (pigment, HFFR), polymeric alloys (PA, EVOH, PET) or adhesion promoters (laminations, hot melt adhesive) to enhance mechanical properties and facilitate melt processing.

PE is a common polymer and used as matrix in many polymeric compounds using in home appliance, packaging and automotive parts industry. It needs to be combined or blended with fillers, additives or other polymers. However, it is an inert polyolefin with high resistance to interact with any polar materials like mineral fillers or pigments. Compounding PE with most polar materials have no interaction and reactivity that can cause poor mechanical properties in final products. Thus coupling agent is considered as an essential additive in filled-PE products to provide proper filler dispersion. They are able to link polar materials and polymer matrix effectively during melt mixing leading high stability and performance in PE parts.

The PE resin grafted by MA monomers onto its polymer backbone is considered as an important coupling agent for PE based compounds. The polar groups in PE-g-MA can bond with functional groups like hydroxyl group (OH) on the fiber or filler surface while the polymeric part of coupling agent is compatible with the bulk of matrix. Using this coupling agent increase the physical-mechanical properties of filled compounds by improving interfacial adhesion between the filler and PE matrix.

Aria Couple PE-g-MA can function as a coupling agent between PE and:

  • Mineral fillers particle such as calcium carbonate, talc, mica, starch and wood flour.
  • Reinforcing fillers such as glass fibers, cellulose fiber and HFFR additives.
  • Polar polymers such as PA, PET, EVOH in polymeric alloys.

Aria Couple PE-g-MA is able to act as adhesion promoter in:

  • PE laminations with polar layer such as paper, metals, fabric etc.
  • Used in hot melt or tie layer adhesive formulations to improve adhesion strength.

Aria Couple PE-g-MA can:

  • Improve filler dispersion and distribution.
  • Enhance the mechanical properties.
  • Provide possibility to increase filler loading.
  • Achieve dimensional stability and smooth surface.
  • Facilitate melt processing.
  • Increase adhesion to polar substrates.

Maleated PE of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of various coupling agents by Maleated PE for different PE based compounds on your requirements. They can function as adhesion promoter or coupling agent between mineral filler and polar materials with HDPE, LLDPE or LDPE matrices to improve the mechanical properties.

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