Polymer compounds

Plastics are widely used in packaging, construction, electronic parts, furniture, toys, appliances, and medical, due to their low price, good processability, availability, and suitable physical properties. However, plastics are difficult to process, also they have weak strength, and low resistance against corrosion, impact and UV light. In some cases, flame retardant properties are also needed. In order to improve the desired properties, polymer compounds are developed.

Figure 1. polyethylene compounds

A polymer compound is a mixture of one or more polymers, different additives, fillers, in some cases compatibilizer agent and pigments to increase physical, mechanical, and thermal properties. The reason for the use of these materials in the production of polymer products is that many manufacturers are facing problems such as physical weakness, loss of properties, discoloration and prolongation of the production process. The development of polymer compounds increased the capacity of using plastics in various applications.

The produced polymer compounds are used in plastic injection, extrusion and rotational molding processes.

Application of polymer compounds:

Polymer compounds usually include polyethylene and polypropylene, each of which has its own role to improving the properties of the final product and its application.

Polyethylene compound is one of the polymer compounds that are using in production of pipes, pressure pipes and blown films.

Polypropylene is also compounded with a rubber material. Such a compound shows high impact properties at ambient and lower temperatures. For this reason, it is using to produce car bumpers.

In terms of economy and health, it is better to use compounds to produce the final product.

Figure 2. Application of polymer compounds

Aria Polymer Company’s polymer compounds include polyethylene and polypropylene, which are using in the production of containers and parts, household appliances, sealant film, pipes, tanks, textile industry and automotive.