Film and Packaging Industry

Film and Packaging Industry

In recent years, the development of various industries, the production of various products and manufacturers strive to meet customer needs and participate in the competition cycle, has made the packaging industry one of the largest applications in the world. With the increasing development of industries, the expansion of safety and health requirements and the growth of the packaging industry in various fields, special standards have been designed for various applications that have led to the need to pay attention to these industries to produce with specialized applications and special specifications. Today, due to economic, environmental and health issues, the most common raw materials used in this industry are paper and soft and hard plastics, each of which includes a wide range of raw materials and applications.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Company, as a manufacturer of additive masterbatch and coupling agent in this field, considering the requirements in this industry and also the desirable features from the point of view of consumers, presents its products with special formulations to the manufacturers (PE and PP film, disposable containers, cartons).

 Additive Masterbatch

Since polymer films are one of the most widely used materials in this field, Aria Polymer Pishgam by considering the expected physical and mechanical properties in this field, help to facilitate process conditions and improve properties of produced products, by designing various types of additive masterbatch and specialized compounds.

Maleated Coupling Agent

The company by taking into account the desire of consumers to use herbal and biodegradable products, has also designed and manufactured special coupling agents to improve the compatibility between starch powder and polypropylene

Tie Layer Adhesive

In addition, the tie layer adhesives and adhesives produced by the company, are used in multilayer packaging and EVA-based adhesives