Film & Packaging Adhesive

Aria Film & Packaging Adhesive is a PE-g-MA concentrate as a tie layer adhesive. It is a functional polyolefin used in multi-layer packaging films or paper laminating to promote the adhesion quality between non-compatible layers with different polarity in a structure.

PE and PP are typical plastics used in packaging industry. They attract manufacturers’ attention due to their advantages. However, incomplete barrier performance and high oxygen diffusion restrict their applications. They also show poor protection of sensitive food and beverages. Thus these films should be combined with polar materials (PET, PA, EVOH, paper and aluminum sheets) to provide ideal multilayered structure containers.

The gas barrier ability (oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture) is resulted by combination of polar and non-polar layers in:

  • Rigid and flexible 5-layer films for food protection.
  • Carton packaging (paper/aluminum) for keeping beverages for long time.

The main challenge in these structures is adhesion quality between non-compatible layers since the polyolefin layer is not able to adhere to polar layer. The film performance will be perfect when the incompatibility of the layers has been eliminated. Consequently, Aria adhesive is designed with dual functionality to provide compatibility to different layers by:

  • Chemical interaction (covalent, hydrogen) of adhesives with polar material,
  • Physical interaction and diffusion of adhesive backbone with polyolefin resin chains.

There are various arrangements in structure of multilayer films based on their ability. So final use should be considered in tie layer selection materials and its properties. The adhesive composition should be designed based on substrates, physical requirement, and cost efficiency.

Film & packaging adhesives of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

Aria Adhesion 4100T250 is a PE based adhesive resin designed as an intermediate layer between polyolefin layers with polar polymers in multilayer structure in flexible or rigid films in packaging and Tube industry. 

Aria Adhesion 1196  is a PE based adhesive resin designed as an intermediate layer between with polar polymers e.g. polyamide.

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