Anti-Shrinkage & Warpage masterbatch

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of anti-shrinkage & warpage masterbatches for PP and PE to increase dimensional stability in molded parts after injection. Also it causes high production rate and enhancement in mechanical properties.

Plastics such as PP and PE are semi-crystalline with several applications in injection molding. However, they are prone to show trouble in dimensional stability, shrinkage or warpage, after injection. These are some critical problems provided by non-uniform thermal contraction for many plastics in injection moldings. Various chain relaxations in crystallization process of PP or PE usually cause shrinkage, distortion or warpage.

Anti-warpage Masterbatch

The shape altering in molded parts is the result of unsuitable crystallization. Minimizing these troubles usually depends on processing conditions, mold geometry and materials characteristics. However, in many cases, optimized processing parameters and part design cannot be sufficient due to materials characteristics. They need special additives to modify crystallization process efficiently. The appropriate nucleating agents are added to plastics to increase crystallization temperature and cause uniform chain relaxation in solidification process.

Anti-warpage Masterbatch


Aria Add anti-shrinkage and warpage masterbatch is able to influence crystallization process of PP and PE to:

  • Prevent shrinkage and warpage in molded parts.
  • Increase dimensional stability.
  • Improve mechanical properties.
  • Remove parts from mold at higher temperature.
  • Reduction of injection cycle time.
  • Show no adverse effect with other additives and fillers.

Anti-shrinkage & warpage masterbatches of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

Aria Add 2458 is an anti-shrinkage and warpage masterbatch applying to control dimension stability of sheet, film, blown and injection molded parts by preventing shrinkage and warpage for PP based products.

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