Anti-static Masterbatch

Aria Add® 2115 is an Anti-static Masterbatch Concentrate by Aria Polymer Co. for neutralizing the surface charges of polyolefin polymers.

Anti static masterbatchAnti-static masterbatch (anti-static electricity) prevents the accumulation of static electricity, improves printability, does not absorb dust and soot in plastic products. Plastic materials are high insulations that is why they can prevent the accumulation of high static loads. Static electricity is made by passing films on rollers, high-speed cooling air over the surfaces, and accidental collision between plastic parts during transport or storage.

anti static masterbatchThe accumulation of static loads can lead to some processing problems such as: increasing problems during transportation, storage and packing, pollution and dust which has effects on both apparent and function of the production, electric shocks to workers during the work with machines, and electrical discharge which can lead to make fire or even explosion. As a result, it is crucial to use anti-static additives for producing plastic products. Anti-static additives in polyethylene and polypropylene, thin films, regular films, and thick films, agricultural films, sacks, cartons, polyolefins for injection and blowing PE and PP and also for injection polystyrene would be used.

Anti static masterbatchAnti-static agents during the extrusion process add to polymers, then they migrate to surface and react with atmosphere which decrease the resistance and so that they increase electricity charges density and give a long anti-static feature to the plastic.

anti static masterbatch


Aria Polymer Anti-static masterbatch

Aria Add® 2115 is an anti-static masterbatch with anti-static additives for neutralizing the surface charges of polyolefin polymers. Anti-static additives can reduce or eliminate static electrical charges to prevent problems such as dust accumulation

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