Target Industries

Aria Polymer Pishgam’s Products are used in various industries, due to their variety, capabilities and features.

Now, the company is producing more than 30 grades targeting 4 different industries; we are so happy to mention that Aria Polymer aims at widen the target industries by innovating new products.


From the very beginning of Aria Polymer establishment, the company has been always striving to manufacture new products, assuring the quality of previous ones, i.e. designing and manufacturing new products, along with focusing on maintaining the quality of other products, has been always one of the main missions of Aria Polymer Research and Development Department. At present, the company is producing more than 30 products in 4 different categories, as follows :

    Additive Masterbatches

    Aria Add® has given a new life to plastic industry.

    Additive masterbatches are materials, with unique functionality, used to change behavior of the melt polymer, improve its properties, solve problems in production processes, increase physical and mechanical properties, and improve the appearance of polymer articles in various processes.

    This category of masterbatches has a great variety and depending on the type of process and the expected properties and quality, they are used in product formulations. For example, UV light-stabilizer, slip and anti-block masterbatch (for PE, and PP), anti-oxidant, anti-static, impact-resistant modifier, optical brightener, process aid, etc. are some of the most widely used additive masterbatch in polymer industry.

    Coupling Agent

    Aria Couple® has revolutionized all industries.

    Coupling agents are functional materials helping the manufacturers to improve the compatibility of mineral fillers with polymers in composites as well as polymers with different nature in polymer alloys by having effective functional groups.

    Increasing compatibility and interaction between different components of the compound, various properties such as physical, mechanical and thermal properties of compounds increase and dyeability of the compound improves. For example, improving the properties of filled polymers increases the quality of polymeric blends.

    Tie Layer Adhesive

    Aria Adhesive® is a functionalized material used in multilayer structures for improving adhesion between different layers. These adhesives help the manufacturers increase compatibility between incompatible layers by being located as the middle layer of polymers; in other words, it can be used between two incompatible polymers or between a polymer and a metal made substance. As a result of this improved adhesion, better physical and mechanical properties will also be achieved.

    These adhesives are used in multilayer pipes, multi-layer packaging films and paper lamination.

    Nano Additives

    Aria Nano® has strengthened plastic, PVC and UPVC industries.

    Nanoparticles are able to increase the quality of polymer composites due to their good properties and high aspect ratio. In fact, by combining the desirable properties of polymers and the effect of different nanoparticles, Nano additives help to improve the final properties of polymer products, eliminate and lessen the weaknesses of polymers. By utilizing the presence of nanoparticles in polymer nanocomposites and their unique properties, these products are able to increase the strength of various articles, improve impact resistance of them and also improve the surface properties of polymer.

      Additive Masterbatches

      Aria Add ® has given a new life to plastic industry. Masterbatches are additive concentrates based on plastic resin. Masterbatches e.g. Slip Agent, Anti UV, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Static, Clarifier Agent, etc. are used in every typical plastic process, such as injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding. Our Additive Masterbatches are known as Aria Add ®

      Coupling Agent

      Maleic Anhydride has revolutionized all industries.

      Aria Couple ® is a Maleic Anhydride (MAH) grafted polymer in granular form. These polar materials have been specifically designed to provide adhesion between non-polar polymers, e.g. polyolefin and a filler such as wood, glass fiber, nylon, etc.

      Tie Layer Adhesive

      Aria Adhesive ® is a functional tie layer adhesive resin as an intermediate layer in multilayered structures to promote the adhesion quality between non-compatible materials specially polar and non-polar polymers. This type of adhesive can be used to produce pipes, packaging films or paper laminating with multifunctional performance.

      Nano Additives

      Aria Nano ® has strengthened plastic industry. Nano Additives have a very significant role on improving different properties of plastics. Aria Nano can enhance impact resistance of UPVC, i.e. pipes, fittings, door/window profiles, as well as PE and PP. In addition, it promotes surface gloss, and increases Vicat softening temperature.