Nano Additives

As a result of development of communities and human knowledge, today, producers have turned their attention to new fields of knowledge in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers and have an active participation in the competition markets for distributing of goods and services.

In this regard, manufacturers of polymer products, as one of the most widely used raw materials in various industries in the world, are looking for a solution to eliminate and lessen existing weaknesses and problems, such as brittleness, scratches, low strength, etc. They are also searching for ways to strengthen and improve the properties of these materials, like better strength, high resistance to scratches, good antibacterial feature, excellent electrical conductivity, etc.

Nanotechnology is one of the growing sciences to help us with the problems in the industry. With their excellent properties as well as special dimensional ratios, Nano-sized particles contribute significantly to the enhancement and improvement of the properties of polymer-based composites. The presence of these nanoparticles in the polymer substrate and the production of polymer nanocomposites has a tremendous effect on improving the final properties of the products. Nanoparticles are mainly used to increase strength, improve impact and enhance surface properties of polymers. In addition, nanoparticles are able to create unique properties in the polymer matrix, such as antibacterial feature, electrical conductivity, smart properties, etc.

Having full and specialized knowledge in this field, Aria Polymer Pishgam Company has produced products and additives containing nanoparticles. The company’s products are used to enhance impact resistance in UPVC pipes, fittings, door and window profiles and improve the appearance of products, etc.