Nucleating Masterbatch

Polymeric Nucleating Masterbatch which increase rate of crystallization and total crystallinity percentage of polymer, have some beneficial responsibilities on Polypropylene and Polyethylene-based productions such as physical property and aesthetic improvement, reduction of injection cycle time, warpage improvements, dimensional control, crystal reductions, nucleating, brightening and barrier enhancements. After applying this Masterbatch, flexural modulus, strength, heat distortion temperature and hardness will increase. The clarity and transmittance will also improve. Nucleating agents applied for improving the optical properties, are called Clarifying Agents. These Masterbatches are used in disposable dishes, other artificial plastics, normal and thick films, thin films, etc.

Since Polypropylene products are semi-crystalline polymers, these Masterbatches increase crystallization rate and overall percentage of crystallinity of the polymer. Higher crystallization rate results in reduction of injection and extrusion cycle time,  thereof higher production rate. The overall percentage of crystallinity of the polymer improves the stiffness and heat deflection temperature of products.

Nucleating MasterbatchComparison of Polymer Crystallizing with and without Nucleate Masterbatch

Nucleating Masterbatch of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

Aria Add 2450 increases the brightness of polypropylenes during the process, by molecular organization of the product.

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