Automobile Parts Adhesive

Aria Automobile Parts Adhesive is a functionalized polyolefin concentrate as a tie layer adhesive. It has a special molecular structure used to form bonding and improve adhesion between different parts.

Polymers have suitable properties and characteristics enabling them to be used in automobile industry. They are used to produce different parts such as car body, internal parts, accessories and colors.

To improve the quality and efficiency of automotive parts produced by various forming processes such as injection molding, manufacturers use a combination of different polymers e.g. PO, PA, etc. in the product formulation. Articles manufactured by different polymers have poor mechanical properties due to low compatibility and adhesion between non-compatible polymers.

In other words, the main challenge in these structures is adhesion quality between non-compatible substrates, since the non-polar polymers are not able to adhere to polar polymers. The part performance will be perfect when the incompatibility of the components has been eliminated.

So, functionalized polyolefin is used in parts with multi-component to promote the adhesion quality between non-compatible materials by forming strong bond between them. There are various components in automobile parts. So, final use should be considered in tie layer selection materials and its properties. The adhesive composition should be designed based on substrates, physical requirement, and cost efficiency.

Consequently, Aria adhesive is designed with dual functionality to provide compatibility to different substrates and lead to a better efficiency of automobile parts.

Aria Automobile Parts Adhesive of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

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