UPVC/PVC Impact Modifier

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of modified ethylene based resin as impact modifier for using in UPVC products such as pipes, fittings and profiles. Aria Add 1213 is able to increase the impact resistance of UPVC and provide a balance in properties, process and price.

UPVC/PVC Impact ModifierImpact modifier is a typical additive in plastic industry to raise impact strength due to prevention of sudden failure in plastic parts. UPVC is an important polymer with brittleness and also notch sensitive features. It needs enhancement in impact strength by impact modifiers as key additives. They cause incensement in flexibility and toughness to meet mechanical properties requirements of UPVC as rigid polymers. They can provide a balance between impact resistance, modulus, process and cost efficiency in UPVC products.

UPVC/PVC Impact Modifier

Aria Add 1213 has ability to provide microstructure with rubbery and plastic phase in UPVC uniformly. The well dispersed rubber phase can dissipate the energy to stop craze or crack propagation while the plastic phase helps to keep the tensile strength and modulus to raise mechanical properties and prevent sudden failure in UPVC parts.

UPVC/PVC Impact ModifierAria Add 1213 as impact modifier for UPVC pipes, fittings and profiles with optimum level will:

  • Enhance impact strength of the UPVC products by absorbing the energy.
  • Show an efficient balance in properties, process & price.
  • Have well interaction with high amount of filler.
  • Improve fusion of melt-processed of UPVC.
  • Improve surface gloss of UPVC parts.

UPVC/PVC Impact Modifier of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company 

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of modified ethylene based resin by Aria Add 1213 to act as an impact modifier with good processability in UPVC parts especially pipes, fitting and profiles to aid filler dispersion and obtain a balance of impact resistance and other properties.

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