Aria UPVC Nano Additive

Aria Polymer company is producer of Nano Additives for UPVC products such as pipes, fittings and profiles. Aria Nano as a special additive package containing nanoparticles is able to act as an impact modifier in UPVC products.

UPVC is considered as a typical polymer with several advantages such as suitable strength, processability, chemical resistance and cost efficiency. However, brittle behavior and low impact resistance restrict UPVC applications. Thus, they need to be modified with known impact modifiers such as CPE and Acrylic modifiers. These additives, CPE and Acrylic modifiers, increase impact resistance on one hand, but they also raise up the costs on the other hand. In addition, reduction in tensile strength is their side effect.  Unlike typical modifiers, special Nano additives can be used in UPVC to overcome these limitations and increase impact strength and durability without sacrificing other properties.

UPVC Nano AdditiveMixture of Nano particles and suitable carriers in a powder package have been added to PVC to provide Nano cavities near the matrices. Caused by Nano particles, this structure results in a ductile failure in UPV products. They can dissipate the energy of impact due to longer path for crack propagation.

UPVC Nano Additive Aria Nano is added to UPVC formulations to affect UPVC pipes, fittings and profiles:

  • Raise up the impact properties of the UPVC.
  • Improve surface brightening of UPVC.
  • Enhance degradation resistance.
  • Increase vicat softening point.
  • Show no adverse change on color and odor.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Aria Nano

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of Nano additives to act as an impact modifier.

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