Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch

Aria Add Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch is an Anti-oxidant Concentrate by Aria Polymer Co. for stabilizing polyolefin compounds used in different industries with optimum performance. It is a necessary ingredient for many plastic formulations to prevent polymer degradation.

Polymers such as PE and PP are prone to be influenced and degraded in oxidation process that will cause insufficient properties. There are possible changes that can occur in polymer synthesis, compounding and final process in presence of oxygen. The heat and mechanical shear are main factors of degradation in polymer processing. Also finished products may be exposed to sunlight, heat and environmental effects in their applications. So the polymers should be protected to reach the demanding properties and optimum lifetime for final products.

Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches

Oxidation may change the molecular structure by shortening of molecular chain in plastics. The degradation process is occurred by radical formation, as a main source of oxidation, leading chain scission (in PP) or crosslinking (in PE) in their structure. These changes lead to change in polyolefin’s appearance (color, odor) and loss in physical-mechanical properties. Therefore, it is essential to use antioxidant as a kind of stabilizer to improve impact processing stability and long-term endurance in polymers. They can interfere the degradation cycle to prevent changes in polymer structure. The different types of antioxidant should be used in appropriate mixture in a package to show synergistic effect in product stability.

Advantages of Anti-oxidant Masterbatch

  • Protection of polymer properties in melt processing.
  • Long-term stability in mechanical properties in service.
  • Increasing the product lifetime efficiently.
  • Preventing color change and yellowing in process and in service overtime.

Anti-Oxidant MasterbatchesApplication

Adding antioxidants in pre-blended concentrate form is a typical process for polyolefin compound processing in extrusion or molding to provide uniform dispersion in final product. They are recommended in many applications such as PE or PP used in:

  • Pipes and fittings
  • Films and packaging
  • Molding parts
  • Foams
  • Fibers
  • Adding antioxidant concentrate is essential whenever recycled granules are in product formulation, especially in pipe industry. It would help to increase thermal stability in oxidative induction time (OIT) test.

Anti-oxidant Masterbatches of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

We have designed Aria Add 2130 for polyethylene based and Aria Add 2431 for polypropylene based products. The concentrate can be designed based on customer’s demand and cost efficiency.

Aria Add 2130 is a general antioxidant concentrate for stabilizing polyethylene compounds using in pipe, packaging and mold industry with optimum performance made by Aria Polymer Pishgam Co.

Aria Add 2431 is a general antioxidant concentrate for stabilizing polypropylene compounds using in pipe, sheet and other extrusion process for Homo-PP, Co-PP with optimum performance made by Aria Polymer Pishgam Co.

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