Road and Construction Industry

Road and Construction Industry

Today, polymer production is widespread in the world and it makes up a large volume of raw materials in various industries, of which the construction industry, as the second largest consumer of polymers, has a large share of the consumer market. These materials have become a new alternative to traditional materials in the construction industry due to their ease of use, high efficiency, quality features, reasonable price and effective role in reducing energy consumption and their application in this industry is expanding day by day and transforming it. As a result of the increasing usage of polymers in the road and construction industry, the quality and strength of polymer products used in this field is of particular importance.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Company, as a manufacturer of polymeric additive and coupling agents, has developed its products with special formulations to achieve the goals of this industry, taking into account the standards set in the road and construction industry as well as the needs of consumers.

 Additive Masterbatch

Since many of the materials used in this industry are produced with common polymer processing equipment such as extrusion and injection process, Aria Polymer Pishgam Company, considering the requirements of the polymer process as well as the expected physical and mechanical properties in this field, helps to facilitate process conditions and also improve the properties of the manufactured product by designing various types of additive masterbatchs and specialized compounds.

Maleated Coupling Agent

Aria Polymer Pishgam Company has also considered various materials and equipment, designed and produced special coupling agents, to improve compatibility, product quality and effective effectiveness in the field of engineering compounds used in this industry.

Tie Layer Adhesive

In addition, the Tie layer adhesives formulated by the company’s specialists are effective in the production of various pipes and components.

Nano Additive

In addition, the company has taken advantage of the unique effects of the presence of nanoparticles and Nano Composites on the properties of manufactured parts, to design a variety of Nano additives to improve the quality of materials and equipment used in this field.