Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the oldest and largest scientific and industrial fields which nowadays, with the use of special properties of polymers such as low weight and improved mechanical properties, to design new cars with special and diverse capabilities such as higher fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, due to lower weight of polymeric products, the greenhouse gases reduced and the body of car has enhanced mechanical properties, furthermore the appearance and color of the parts and creating intelligent capabilities in the car. In fact, polymers have become one of the key materials needed for construction, performance and safety of cars in recent years.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Company, as a knowledge-based company, after examining the market of raw materials of this industry and the need of manufacturers for special polymeric materials, has taken a step forward in meeting the needs of customers and manufacturers of this industry.

 Additive Masterbatch

The company, with fully familiar with the polymer processing, has designed and manufactured additive masterbatch and engineering compounds to improve the production process and improve the properties of polymer products.

Maleated Coupling Agent

Aria Polymer Pishgam Company with the benefit of specialized knowledge to produce coupling agents used in the automotive industry to increase compatibility between different materials, increase the adhesion of fillers and polymer alloys to the polymer base and also increase the paintability and mechanical properties of various parts.

Tie Layer Adhesive

The company has designed a special formulation for the production of tie layer adhesives for automotive parts such as car gasoline tanks by taking into account the needs of manufacturers. According to customer’s evidence, the quality of the adhesive produced by Aria Polymer Pishgam is actually competitive with the reputable and prominent brands of adhesive production in the world.

Nano Additive

With the development of nanotechnology and its applications, Aria Polymer Pishgam Company utilizes the unique properties of nanoparticles and Nano Composites, has produced unique Nano Composites to help improve the properties of the articles used in this industry.