Aria Add®,  PP Clarifier Masterbatch

Aria Polymer company is manufacturer of Aria Add 2450® as a PP clarifier concentrate using to increases the transparency of thin and thick films, sheets, blown and injection molded parts based on PP. Also it causes high production rate and enhancement in physical properties.

PP is an irreplaceable plastic in many applications such as film and packaging industry. They provide a good processability and sufficient mechanical properties with efficient price for manufacturers. However, its optical properties and haze appearance are not acceptable due to its semicrystalline nature, in some cases. They need to be modified by clarifying agents to affect on crystallization process improve the clarity of PP. They are melt-sensitive nucleates to create small crystallite for providing passage of light waves without scattering to bring transparency in semicrytalline PP.

PP Clarifying Concentrate

PP clarifier concentrate can affect the thermodynamic of polyolefin in initiation process of nucleation. It’s able to provide sites during melt processing to influence the PP solidification and change the crystallization rate and value in PP. Thus the final product is transparent with minimum haze.

PP Clarifying ConcentratePP Clarifier Masterbatch of Aria Polymer Pishgam Company

Aria Polymer Pishgam Co. is manufacturer of Aria Add® 2450 as PP clarifying concentrate to help manufacturers provide clear parts and films by means of PP based compounds.