High MFI Polypropylene

Aria Polymer High MFI Polypropylene, known as Aria َAdd® 2440T139 are formulated for extrusion processing of polypropylene (nonwoven, profile …). The presence of MFI modifier additive with PP, also known as High MFI Polypropylene in the extruder, enhances the melt flow behavior due to the narrow molecular weight distribution and also, the molecular weight, melt viscosity decrease and MFI increase. The use of linear PP is limited because it has a relatively low melt strength, high MW, broad molecular weight distribution (MWD), and shows no strain hardening, which is particularly important in processes such as thermoforming, foaming and blow molding. The melt blown process is a unique among nonwoven systems. This process is a nonwoven manufacturing system involving direct conversion of a polymer into continuous filaments, integrated with the conversion of the filaments into a random laid nonwoven fabric.

Melt BlownControl of molecular weight distribution of the polypropylene in conventional reactors is difficult because it requires the addition of chain terminators and transfer agents. These operations decrease output of the reactor and are often uneconomical. To improve the processability of polypropylene and to have various grades, the molecular weight and the MWD can be modified in a post-reactor operation by means of different degradation methods.

Melt Blown webIn addition to respirator masks, other non-woven, medical protective clothing is manufactured as well. So-called melltblown polypropylene (PP), which functions as a filter, provides the products high filtration efficiency against the smallest particles. Meltblown PP is a non-woven fabric made of extremely fine, melt-spun microfibers.

The processability of High MFI Polypropylene is much easier than pure polypropylene resin because the addition of MFI modifier additives increases the melt index, decreases the flow direction and pressure required for injecting the material, as well as facilitating melt removal from the extruder, with improved product flow properties, more dimensional stability, less product warpage and greater product transparency; thus rheology-controlled polypropylene can be used in the manufacture of components for injection molding, extrusion process and extrusion coating.

High MFI Polypropylene of Aria Polymer Pishgam

We have designed Aria Add® 2440T139 for PP based productions, based on a new generation of High MFI Polypropylene.

Aria Add® 2440T139 is a high MFI polypropylene compound. It is designed to be used in melt blown and spun bond fiber processing.