The Chinaplas Exhibition, which last year declared a breather due to the global corona epidemic, last week saw the holding of a new round of the first plastics and rubber industry exhibition in Shenzhen.

The images broadcast from this exhibition once again stunned the world. The country from which the COVID-19 virus first emerged now appears to be completely under control, with detailed information on vaccination (assuming production and injection in China’s billion-dollar population during this period). Not available, masked and unmasked Chinese figures in the exhibition, while there is no mention of social distance, fully indicate the confidence of people in the absence of disease in this country.

Of course, the Chinaplus exhibition, which had become the largest exhibition in the industry, had also gained international prestige, which was not achieved during this period. It is true that the exhibition space of 350,000 square meters with more than 3,800 booths was registered in it, but unlike previous periods, there was no news of foreign participants or foreign visitors!

Only nine foreign countries participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition eventually had less than 2,500 foreign visitors. Of course, the number of Chinese visitors reached more than 150,000, not less than the previous round.

According to the organizer, 363 thousand people watched it online through the official platforms of the exhibition.

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