Golden Prize of the Association of Science Parks Association, ASPA 2016

This prize is awarded to knowledge-based companies that reach to commercialization stage and inspire the technology development in Asia, by management skills, idea efficiency and technical knowledge. The Aria Polymer Company held the honor of winning the golden prize of ASPA 2016. This company by associating the Reactive Extrusion and Polymeric Nano Composites, achieved to the subject of The Best Company of the Asian Science Park Association.

It should be noted, that the 20th International conference of the Association of Science Parks and Technology in Asia ASPA 2016, Hyderabad, India, was completed by winning the best award of the conference by Dr Mohammad Aliabadi Farahani, the CEO and President of Aria Polymer Company. Mr. Hirohisa Uchida, the Japanese manager of the ASPA, offered this precious prize to the winner company.

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