Tie layer adhesive in multilayer pipes

Aluminum composite pipes are used in piping systems. They are multilayered with a special structure which metal layer such as aluminum or steel is sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of polyethylene or PEX to make oxygen barrier pipes with high stability in pipe’s shape. These pipes have high resistance to heat and pressure that cause excellent long term durability for new applications.

Tie layer adhesive in PEX-Al pipe
Tie layer adhesive in PEX-Al pipe

This ability is resulted by combination of polar and non-polar layers. The poor adhesion between them should be solved by using tie layer adhesives to provide strong bonding between the polyolefin layer (PE or PEX) and the metal layer (Al., steel) in pipe structures based on its bifunctional performance. Good adhesion between layers can help pipe manufactures produce pipes with optimized properties and better performance.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Tie layer adhesives

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