Managing Director

Dr. Seyed Hamed Eftekharzadeh

  • Ph.D. In Management and Programming
  • Farabi Drug Company CEO Consultant – Affiliated with Shasta
  • Manager of Different Units in Three Companies Affiliated with Shasta During 2007-2020
  • Fasl Rouyesh Zenderoud CEO Located at Isfahan University Growth Center, 2014
  • Special Member of ISIC as a Ph.D. Holder
  • Author of Two Scientific Books and Member of Saraye Ahle Ghalam and the Book House
  • Article Acceptance at the First Int’l Conference of Humanities in Gilan, 2016
  • Isfahan Central PNU Lecturer During 2009-2012
  • Isfahan Applied Science University Lecturer During 2017-2018
  • Senior Advisor to the Director General of National Supervision and Inspection at Entekhab Industrial Group During 2013-2014
  • Founder and Responsible of Isfahan House of Science Elites During 2010-2015
  • Selected Elite between Isfahan Engineers in 2009 and Researcher of 2010
  • Referee at the First National Exhibition of Inventions of the Supreme Elite Assembly of Iran in Isfahan