Strategies & Outlook

Some of the most important strategies of us

  • Getting closer to the other related knowledge-based companies from inside of Iran and the rest of the world in relation of R & D and Trading.
  • Contribute in different related seminars, conferences and exhibitions and share the information with whole department
  • Increasing the spirit of management, socializing, team working, competition and collaboration principles between the staff
  • Recognizing customer necessities thru consulting services, and then to provide the required product by applying their creativity and innovation from R & D to sales and trade sections

Our Outlooks 

  • Development of the company by growing different sections and expanding them into core departments.
  • Staying among top companies of ISTT and aiming to be the main trading company in the industry in Iran.
  • Settling our brand down among the top 200 innovative companies of the industry in the world up until 2041.