Founded in Isfahan Science and Technology Town, 2009, Aria Polymer Pishgam started its job as a knowledge-based company whose mission was supplying high quality polymer products to promote its partners’ business by means of modern technologies.

As an innovative, dynamic and blossoming company, APP aims to implement novel technologies in polymer industry. To achieve this goal, the company has produced various kinds of Coupling Agents, Adhesives, Additive Masterbatches, and Nano Compounds, in addition to settling an effective consultation system. In other words, APP has been always there to help its customers manufacture their products by providing them with the best quality materials and careful consultations, besides.

Aria Polymer Pishgam’s Products cover a wide range of the region’s polymer industries, including compounds, packaging, automobile, pipes and fittings, etc.

Holding ISO 9001 and CE certifications guarantees APP’s quality and the reliability of its products, but most importantly, our internal lab, R&D department, elite engineers, experienced technicians, and the last but not the least, our technical values, has enabled us to serve our customers the best.