Slip and Anti-Block Masterbatches

Slip and Anti-Block Masterbatches

Slip Masterbatches are also known as Nylon Slip or Polypropylene Slip Masterbatch, used for reduction of resistance of films to slip on itself or any parts of tools and devices. The polymeric surfaces mostly keep too much friction, which result in production and processing problems. However using slip Masterbatches will prompt these problems to slip polymeric surfaces, increasing the quality of films surface, reduction of machineries depreciations and wastages, reduction of surface adhesion, and consequently persuade the production to an effortless processing. These agents are applied in PP and PE-based polymers, thin films, normal and thick films, agricultural films and Polyolefins.

The function of Slip and Anti-Block Masterbatches are through their migration to the surfaces. When a polymeric product is cooling down, a solid layer of lubricant appears on the surfaces and reduces the adhesion or friction of the surface of products made from the formulation of like or different surfaces.

Functioning of the Slip Masterbatches

Aria Polymer Pishgam Slip Masterbatches

Slip Additives of Aria Polymer Company -known as AriaAdd-, are capable of tremendous yields with low amounts. Therefore, these are so economical for friction applications such as film production, conversion, and final processing. These AriaAdds, depend on variety of applications, offer different performances; initial slip development, during processing or final production for instance. Aria Add 2127 and Aria Add 2126 are of the great commercially important slip additives of Aria Polymer Company. Generally, at injection molding processing, Aria Add 2127 is extremely beneficial since during the process, these additives migrate to the surface of products, and result in proper separations. A better surface and also reduction of pin marking effects are other benefits of this mechanism of Aria Add 2127.

To compare both of the existing Aria Adds, (AD/00/2127) and (AD/00/2126), the latter acts faster, however the former additive is advanced in less volatility, color stability, heat control, higher Organoleptic terms, less final friction coefficient, and better blocking performance.

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