Antistatic Masterbatches

Antistatic Masterbatches

These Masterbatches eliminate or reduce the colonization of neutrons and this simply results in not attracting of dusts and smuts in plastic productions. Neutrons normally occur by crossing films on rollers, swift crossing of cool air on surfaces, occasional percussion of products together during transferring or storing. Therefore, it is essential to employ these Masterbatches to prevent the accidental and unplanned incidents in factories and stores cause by electricity. Antistatic Masterbatches exercise in molding (injecting) productions and polyolefin extrusions such as PP and PE including thin films, normal and thick films, agricultural films, gunnysacks, jumbos, polymeric sheets especially plastic cartons, and fibers. These agents add to the polymeric products during extrusion processing, then migrate to the surface and react with moisture, which, reduce the electrical resistancy and finally dedicate a long-term antistatic effect to the plastic pieces.

Progressive functioning of Antistatic Agent

The Antistatic Masterbatches of the Aria polymer Pishgam Company

The Antistatic Masterbatches of the Aria polymer Pishgam Company Prevents the absorption of dust and the accumulation of static electricity on the plastic surfaces.

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