Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches

Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch 

Anti-Oxidant materials are of the most important additives in plastic industry, applied in production processes. Plastics, normally, face ageing phenomena by sun light, oxygen and heat. These factors apply some changes on plastic productions. Decrease of solidity, strength, clarity and elasticity, color changing, and scratching are among their affections on plastic products, e.g. molding (injecting) productions and polyolefin extrusions such as PP and PE including thin films, normal and thick films, agricultural films, gunnysacks, jumbos, foams, polymeric sheets specially Cartonplast, fibers, polymeric pipes and fittings. Procedure of plastic productions is usually a combination of oxygen, shear and heat; this results in thermal destruction of polymeric products. However, consuming Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches results in stability of productions against oxidant factors in production procedure and consequently preventing plastics from breaking down by heat and oxygen. Increasing the environmental resistance of products and improving the beneficial of recycling wastes are other important potentials of these Masterbatches.

Anti-Oxidants are divided into two groups; Primary and Secondary. Primary Anti-Oxidants stop the initial oxidation mainly occuring at melt temperature of polymers by removing propagating radicals in manufacturing procedure. Meanwhile, the secondary Anti-Oxidants mostly prevent the products from future damages by oxygen, heat and other meteoric conditions. The best efficiency of Anti-Oxidants occurs when a proper combination of both types is applied, and then they would have synergistic impact on each other.

Aria Polymer Pishgam Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches:

These Masterbatches (AD/01/0025) reduce or completely stop the damages of oxidation to polymeric products and keep all of benefits of your product during production and use.

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