UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatches

Anti UVs for Plastics:

Anti UV materials, which known also as UV Absorbents or UV Stabilizers, are of the most useful polymeric additives, which are, exercised in molding (injecting) productions and polyolefin extrusions such as PP and PE including thin films, normal and thick films, agricultural films, gunnysacks, jumbos, polymeric sheets specially Cartonplast, fibers, polymeric pipes and fittings. These additives are resulted in increasing the lifetime of plastic pieces in outdoor environments, preventing of getting sallow or uncolored, color changing by the sun light and consequently more resistance of polymeric productions in different meteoric conditions.

Variable applications of Anti UV Masterbatch in plastic industry

There are four main group of light stabilizers including; Hydroxyl Benzophenones, Hydroxyl Phenol Banzotriazols, Hindered Amines, and Nickelic organic compounds. The efficiency of UV absorption of Hindered Amin Light Stabilizer (HALS) in diverse types of Polypropylene-based plastics is remarkable, even in low concentrations.

Ani UV Masterbaches of the Aria Polymer Pishgam Company:

This Masterbatch (AD/00/0000) is resulted in color stability and permanency of physical and chemical properties of your plastic productions. This Masterbatch will also secure and assure your productions functioning for a long time.

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